Vinyl Williams | Projects


Video art "Empyrean Unfoldment"

Music video for Marble Arch – "Moonstruck"

Music video for High Tides – "Paradise Daze"

Music video for Goon – "Datura"


Music video for Triptides – "When Will I See You Again"

Music video for Deep Fields – "Hael Opin"

Interactive music video for Zones – "The Syzygy"

Music video for "Lansing"

Interactive music video for Shmu – "Your Favorite God"

Interactive music video "Aphelion"

Album art for Winter – "Memoria Colordia / Wherever You Are"

Interactive website for déCollage

Produced & engineered Golden Daze – "Simpatico"

Video art "LA Aegypt"

Album art for JJUUJJUU – “Zionic Mud”

Music video for Jorge Elbrecht – "Guillotine"


Video art “Celestial Mysteriom

Interactive music video for T/O - “Dog In The Sleeve”

Interactive music video for Temples - “Born Into The Sunset”

Music video for Stephanie Morgan - "Send Nobody Up"

Editing & VFX on Zonkers Regional

Music video for Faintlife - "Sludge Soul"

Interactive music video for Spaceface - “Sun Kids”

Interactive music video for Damaged Bug - “Bog Dash”

Celestial Street View for Spaceface

Music video for Creepers - “Children of the Vortex”


Interactive planet simulator “Xol, Alnilam”

Music video for Morgan Delt - “Some Sunsick Day”

Vinyl Williams - “Brunei” LP Released

Interactive music video “Feedback Delicates”

Interactive music video for Winter - “Wherever You Are”

Vinyl Williams / HOTT MT collaborative EP – Evil Practices

Celestial Street View Seguin Rainbow – TX Political Discharge

Promotional video for Desert Daze Festival

Video art “Alnilam – Entrance to Brunei Darussalem”

Interactive music video for Still Parade - “Chamber”

Music video for Young Magic - “Valhalla”

Interactive music video & website for JJUUJJUU - “Bleck”

Album art for John Berkhout - “Bloo Mind”

XOL” Oculus Exhibition at Neverland Space (Zurich, Switzerland)

Website design for Non Plus Ultra


Interactive music video for Shmu - “Shhh!!!!”

Celestial Street View  1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Interactive music video for Fever The Ghost - “1518”

Interactive music video “Space Age Utopia”

Music video for Astronauts etc. - “I Know”

Music video for Clarence Clarity - “Will To Believe”

Interactive music video for The Quincey - “Make It Right”

Vinyl Williams - “Into” LP Released

Interactive music video “World Soul”

Interactive music video for Rioux - “Phantasm”

Interactive music video for Matilde Davoli - “Dust”

Interactive music video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra - “Multi-Love”

Interactive album “Trance Zen Dental Spa”

Custom visuals for Lamusa


Music video for Luka - “Cult”

Music video for Medicine - “Move Along / Down The Road”

“The Tears Of An Inanimate Object” Exhibition (documentation)

Music video for Dub Thompson - “No Time”

Music video for Tears For Fears - “My Girls”

Album art for Tears For Fears - “Ready Boy & Girls?”


“Sri Neter” Exhibition (documentation)

Video art “Who’s Elohim”

Music video for bEEdEEgEE - “Flowers”

Video art “What A Wonder, What A Wonder”

Interactive tour flyer for Mount Kimbie / Holy Other / Vinyl Williams (interactive / video)

Interactive music video - “Stellarscope”


Music video - “Inner Space”

Music video - “Higher Worlds”

Vinyl Williams - “Lemniscate” LP released

“Let The Sun Shine In” Exhibition, Berlin, Germany (website & documentation)

Exhibition at Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul, Korea (website)

Video art “Nu-Age Magic”


“All That Remains” Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY (link)